16 March 2013

steve sax turns two with a side of rice

yes, it's saxy time.  i recently picked up a few cards of the former dodger second baseman via sportlots, most of which show him turning two at second base.  like this 1990 score 100 superstars card
it kind of looks like he's losing his hat there.

this next one is his 1991 score 100 superstars card, and i count it as a dp turn due to his positioning around the second base bag.
it might not be a turn, but whatever.

his 1991 upper deck card definitely displays his dp turning talent
as does his 1993 fleer ultra card
that looks like luis polonia sliding in.  saxy led the league in errors by a second baseman in 1992, so in 1993 the white sox moved him to the outfield.

sax may have been more comfortable in the kitchen, as this 1993 usa rice council card suggests.
the sportlots seller included this card in my package as a bonus.  not sure how i feel about that.

there was a non-double play card in the group that i did order, however - a 1988 fleer mini
i picked up another small sax collectible in a separate deal.  this one is a 1990 topps doubleheader thingy which consists of a miniature version of his 1990 topps card encased in plastic
backed with a miniature version of his 1982 topps rookie card
it has a base so that it can stand up.  i'm thinking this thing isn't long for my collection.  it's weird and not really a card.  during this sax finding adventure, i was hoping to find a 1995 card that would have served as a final tribute.  alas, there are none. nor are there any cards of him in an oakland uniform.  he was acquired by the a's in late april of 1994, so he missed out on the mother's cookies set that year.  and, he didn't return after becoming a free agent when the '94 season ended, so he wasn't in any 1995 sets, either.

i smell a custom card coming up sometime soon.  i just realized that i forgot to pick up a copy of sax's 1987 drake's card while on this recent buying spree.  it's been added to the nefarious 9, if anyone has a copy.  you will be rewarded!

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Fuji said...

That USA Rice Council card is pretty sweet. I've never heard of that issue before. And if storing the 1990 Double Header is an issue, then pop it from it's case. It should be fairly easy. I bought a box of the 1989 versions and 3 or 4 came out of the package out of the holder. They aren't really cards though. they're printed on thin paper.