13 March 2013

a three-headed monster

call this card cerberus?  it's a 2012 tristar signa cut card featuring the co-mvp's of the 1981 world series - ron cey, steve yeager, and pedro guerrero.  avert your eyes!

here are cey and yeager
that's the penguin's 1978 topps card that is mutilated, while yeager's 1973 topps rookie card gets the chop shop treatment.  as for petey, he fares a bit better
with a 1986 donruss card doing the honors.

i have a weird attraction to these cards.  i own a few of them, some which i haven't shown off yet.  this one is numbered only to 5 copies, and it was the use of the 1978 topps card that really drew me in and convinced me to buy the card.

they don't get much worse than this, however.  i don't think i have ever seen a quad-auto from tristar.  what would be really nasty would be a card featuring the dodgers' five consecutive rookies of the year. that would be a downright medusian disaster.  but i'd pick up a copy if i could.

1 comment:

AdamE said...

The latest one I got was only a single signature but they used a card with a crease in it for the cut auto.

Hey Tri Star, why bother with the giant plastic case if you are going to use a creased card to begin with?