24 March 2013

dodgers on cards. for the most part.

i have fallen behind on trade posts.  and, in some cases, in sending return packages.  jaybarkerfan, scott crawford, nick, docholoday, hot corner - i am working on it. am i forgetting anyone? one trade that has been completed recently was with madding at cards on cards.  he sent me a card that i claimed from one of his trade bait posts, as well as some dodgers.  let's have a look.

as always, if he's in the trade package, he leads the post.  here's steve garvey and his 2002 upper deck world series heroes card
the garv is here representing the 1981 world champion dodgers.  garvey's teams were 1-4 in world series play, but he owned a .319 average in those 5 appearances.  in 1981, he hit .417 although 10 of his 11 hits were singles.

kirk gibson had only one hit in the 1988 world series, but it qualified him for the set, too.
gibson could have also represented the 1984 tigers in the set, too.  maybe he did - i should check, but i won't.  i put this set together back when it came out.  i was big on the upper deck legends/hall of famers sets between 1999 and 2003 or so, and this one fit the bill.

one set i didn't try to collect was sweet spot classic.  here's a 2004 upper deck sweet spot classic card of don drysdale
he's almost suttoning.  anyway, these cards were fairly elusive to me when they were released as far as the lcs was concerned.  so i pretty much stayed away, except for when garvey made an appearance on the checklist.  these days, i am hoarding all the dodgers i can find.

here's another dodger now - a 2009 upper deck o-pee-chee chad billingsley black border
someday i will finish my set.  it is somewhat of a frankenset in that some of the cards are black bordered.  i refused to play the game that upper deck was foisting upon me by inserting these in every pack.  mot sure if it makes sense, but oh well.

here's another pigeon, i mean shawn green relic card.
it comes from something known as 2005 upper deck mlb season opener jersey collection.  at least that's what is on the back.  i do appreciate upper deck putting the set names on the backs of their cards.  it makes it easy to identify all of the inserts and what not.  too bad they didn't start doing this sooner.

here's a 2010 topps national chicle card of andre ethier
with a big egg yolk behind him.

switching gears, here is the card that started the trade - a 1993 pacific nolan ryan 27th season card of the strikeout king swinging the bat
wait - let me flip the card.  hold on.
that's better.   here we see ryan taking a hack in dodger stadium, which is why i wanted the card in the first place.  not sure who the dodger catcher is.  it could be steve yeager or mike scioscia or jack fimple or alex trevino or even gilberto reyes.  who knows.  the back of the card mentions that this is a rare color photo of ryan at the plate.  not sure why - he played in the national league as an astro for 9 seasons.

the last card i'll show is a 1971 topps set need.  it's richie scheinblum of the senators.
i've been neglecting my 1971 and 1974 topps set pursuits this year.  i need to get back on top of htose pursuits sometime soon.

thanks for the trade madding!

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