12 March 2013

the dirt on jd drew

this is pretty much a nonsense post.  i noticed that there is dirt showing on jd drew's uniform in the photo topps used for his 2007 topps card.
it makes for a good play on words for the post's title.  really, i just wanted to get rid of (meaning post) the drew cards that had been sitting in my scanned folder for a long time.  like this 2006 topps heritage card.
i didn't buy much heritage from 2003 through 2008.  i remember buying one pack of 2006 heritage and being way disappointed.  the images seemed washed out, and here drew is almost overtaken by all the blue in the background at dodger stadium.  i think that 1957 topps had some pretty crisp photos with good color.  not sure what topps was doing in 06.

here's what fleer (or upper deck, actually) did in 2006 with their tradition release.
a tip of the cap to 1981 topps.  what's that on jd's chin?

drew famously (at least among dodger fans) invoked the out clause in his contract after two seasons in la.  he signed with the red sox prior to the 2007 season and promptly went and won a world series title. upper deck gave us this masterpieces jersey card that year.
no dirt on that jersey.

drew did have some good moments as a dodger - his home run in the 4+1 game (he hit the second of the four back-to-back-to-back-to-back homers against the padres in september of 2006) is the moment i remember most fondly.  it's the only one i can think of, really.

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