07 March 2013

2012 topps update adam kennedy, how do i love thee?

let me count the ways.

i love thee in the base card version, 
with the palm trees and dodger stadium; the white uniform, the red jersey number, the foliage covered bullpen wall, the right field pavilion, the low fence in the right field corner, the union 76 logo (even if it's on the outfield wall and not next to the field level scoreboard).  i love it all.

i love thee with black borders, numbered to 61.
i love thee with blue borders, even though you're from wal-mart.
i love thee with gold borders, numbered to 2012.
i love thee all gold and sparkly.
i love thee with red borders from target, even though it's not as red as the number on his jersey.
i love thee in silk form, too.
and, i love thee signed by the man himself - through the mail success y'all!
i will say that i didn't like thee with a blank back in the topps vault 'create-a-collectible 1/1' gimmick thing they have going on.  i would love thee in printing plate form, if anyone happens to see one of those.

now if only ted lilly would sign his 2013 topps card through the mail...

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