17 March 2013

a condor and some pigeons

continuing with the st. patrick's day/green thing...

quite a while ago, i commented on the apparent scarcity of shawn green certified autos when compared to the availability of shawn green relic cards by saying something along the lines of shawn green certified autos : shawn green relic cards : : condors : pigeons.

to illustrate, this is the only shawn green certified auto i have in my collection - it's from 2002 topps gallery, and it's on-card
it's better looking than a condor, actually.  but the point is, there don't seem to be too many of these things available, and when they do pop up, they usually fetch a decent sum.  green's relic cards? those are a dime a dozen. or at least in the 3 for $10 range at your local card show.  here are just a few (and i mean just a few) of the shawn green bat and/or jersey pieces in my collection

this bat piece comes from 2000 fleer mystique
and this jersey is from the aptly named 2001 upper deck sp game used edition
not to be outdone, here is a piece of a bat from 2001 upper deck sp game bat edition
and another bat piece from 2001 fleer legacy
this next one is one of my favorite green relic cards.  it comes from 2003 ud authentics
i like it because it features green taking cuts at vero beach, but mostly because tommy lasorda is lurking in the background.  hello tommy!

this one is from 2002 fleer authentix (they spell things differently than upper deck did).
yes i am aware that fleer was playing off of the sometimes accepted abbreviation of 'tickets' for this release.  the card includes a facsimile of a ticket to the 2002 season opener between the good guys and the bad guys. the ticket features maury wills to boot.  for the record, green was 1 for 4 in the game.  the dodgers lost, and were, in fact, swept by the no-cals in that 3 game series.

moving on, here's a jersey card from 2002 playoff
and here's another shawn green jersey card, sharing time with jim thome's bat courtesy of 2002 fleer hot prospects
neither of these guys were prospects at this point.

next up is another dual bat/jersey card although this one is green's alone.  it's from 2003 donruss timeless treasures, and it actually features a patch
it may well be a fake, although that is part of a patch that the dodgers wore on their sleeves in 2002.  i bought this one well before i started reading about fake patches on scu.  the saving grace is that the card is numbered to 25, so it's possible that they used a premium swatch.

the last one of green's relic cards that i will show (there are plenty more, believe me) is from 2002 fleer showcase, and is also low numbered.
i'm a sucker for the red number on dodger jerseys.  even on st. patrick's day when i should be wearing green.


Fuji said...

Wow... that 2002 Topps Gallery autograph is awesome. Yeah, can't say I've come across a Green autograph over the years... but I see Green relics on a regular basis.

night owl said...

I have more Green relics than any other Dodger player. It's got to be at least a dozen. And as testament to your theory that there are abundant Green relics, out of all the ones you showed, I see only two there that I have.