27 January 2009

twins fest, day two

it was 6 below when i got in line on saturday morning, about 2 hours before opening. mauer was signing at 9 and morneau at 11. i had decided to head straight for morneau (he wasn't signing on sunday) and come back for mauer on sunday. as it turned out, a couple of guys ahead of me were going to mauer and killebrew, and they suggested working together to 'divide and conquer'. as a result, we all wound up with mauer and morneau's autographs, saving me a trip back on sunday. plus, we were able to get rod carew's autograph, as his line had shortened considerably by the time we were through morneau's line. i passed on the additional $10 for hof authentication, though.

with that accomplished, i went back to the field to pick up a few more cards, starting with an impulse purchase of a 2005 bowman andy laroche jerseybefore hitting some of the 76's i had seen the night before, such as pops and some fast guys.after a few more 1970's (including a couple of pristine checklists and tom haller)my want lists are dwindling.

so, i dug through some vintage bargains. here's a 1952 clyde kingi also picked up a 1953 dick williams (yes, that dick williams - before he went all burl ives) and a 1954 billy herman.i found a decent looking 1967 drysdale and couldn't resist.and really, what's the point of having a drysdale if you don't get a koufax to go along with it? so, i picked up a 1964 world series sandy.

after starting out poorly, i would say twins fest was a success this year. i got the autographs my son wanted and some great cards that i wanted. here's hoping they let the twins use the metrodome again next year for this even though their lease will be up.

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night owl said...

The Haller is a great card, isn't it? And I've wanted that Koufax card for some time. I bought the Drysdale card at a collectibles shop, but I'm sure I didn't get it as cheaply as you did.

The LaRoche card doesn't really stand up to the golden oldies, in my mind anyway.