13 January 2009

sayonara saito

takashi saito heads to the red sox to join fellow countrymen daisuke and okajima. fair enough. but whither the dodgers bullpen? will broxton close? that seems to be most likely, as i have to believe trevor hoffman would have taken the dodgers' offer if he would in fact have been the closer over broxton.
but what about the setup relievers? the loogys? joe beimel is gone. is eric stults the guy? shawn estes? can kuo stay healthy? jason schmidt? claudio vargas? yikes.
the bullpen and pitching staff as a whole are becoming quite the question marks for the dodgers in 09. while the red sox are stockpiling pitchers, it seems like ned is filling out holes in the spring training b-team staff.

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night owl said...

Right now it looks like it's up to Kuo or Wade to be set-up guys for Broxton. That makes me uneasy.

I think L.A. will pick up someone else soon enough. I'd like it be Juan Cruz. I think he'd work well.

But the starting staff still needs work.