23 January 2009

kent stand losing you

or can I? congrats on a career, jeff; perhaps a hall of fame worthy one. i respect the talent, the work ethic and the "ornery-ness" to a point, but i never really connected with kent as a dodger.

perhaps because he never seemed to belong to any team - from the blue jays to the mets (hello jose offerman and dodger stadium!)to the indians to the giants to the astros to the dodgers. just another stop on the way back to texas.

i am not sold on blake dewitt, though. still, here's hoping ned doesn't trade kershaw for uggla or something stupid like that.

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night owl said...

I'm pretty sure Kent's going in the Hall of Fame. What hat will he wear? Sadly, I think it will be a Giants (uck!) cap.

I say give DeWitt a good, long chance. He surprised me last year, he can do it again.