02 January 2009

dinged corners sent me some cards!

i am not too creative with the post titles right now...
the ladies at dinged corners were nice enough to send me some fantastic cards of the big blue wrecking crew and other, lesser teams. they are much appreciated. here is a sampling:

2005 donruss team heroes steve garvey.
well, certainly my dodger team hero. mvp, 4 world series in 8 years, etc. in fact, the back of the card tells me that, had he had 8 more hits in 1977, he would have been the first modern day major leaguer with 7 straight seasons of 200 hits. i suspect ichiro has done it, but popeye could have been the first! too bad 1977 was the year he was swinging for the fences.
2008 bowman gold russell martin.
dumb topps/bowman with their 'russ' martin cards. if vin scully doesn't call him russ, why the heck does topps?
2008 upper deck timeline matt kemp.
in my last post, i indicated that matt kemp is my current favorite player. true, but he is more like my baseball salvation. i really hope ned doesn't sign 3 more outfielders to cut into the bison's playing time.
some twins were also provided, including this 1993 o-pee-chee.
even though i follow post-2000 twins, it's always nice to get a hall of famer like kirby, molly, or, in this case, dave winfield. 1993 was the first year o-pee-chee had it's own design - no longer using the topps base design. which makes sense, but i was a fan of the old o-pee-chee, so i don't like it. anyway, we see dave here sporting the rare full pant leg with stirrup look.
last(ings) but not least, they sent a few cards to go towards my quest to finish the allen & ginter set. i feel like i am the last guy chasing this thing.thank you ladies! like it or not, i have a few cards that will be heading out your way soon.

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