02 January 2009

mr. jones, we hardly knew you

but don't let the door hit you on the way out.
i hear the giants are looking for an outfielder - maybe you could "help" them out.
i am a bit disappointed that andruw didn't fare better, but i am more disappointed that ned thought he would fare better.
no hard feelings, though. for andruw, that is.


night owl said...

Well, at least Colletti isn't screwing this decision up -- yet.

Anonymous said...

This would be a miracle of the highest order. If somehow Ned were to divest the Dodgers of Fat Andruw, I would be very impressed.

Of course, I'd be even more impressed if he never signed Jones/Pierre/Schmidt/Gonzalez/Kent in the first place! But of course, it's too late for that.

dayf said...

I have this sinking feeling that he's headed back to the Braves. He's exactly what the lineup needs, as long as he hits like it's 2005 and not 2008.