11 January 2009

a light in winter

like a lot of other people, i received a nice christmas package from dayf. unlike a lot other people, i am just now getting around to posting about it.

the festively wrapped package arrived just before christmas, in the midst of cold cold cold cold cold weather. it's still cold, by the way, but at least now i have these cards.

let's start with masterpieces - i sent dayf a jake peavy for his set, and he sent these (and others):

chin lung hu

this guy had more cards this year than jr towles. two regrets about hu - first, that he doesn't play first base. second, that his first name isn't al. ed ott can rest easy.

james loney

will he evolve into more of a power hitter in 2009? someone needs to bring the offense next year.

then there was the 1988 donruss. both in regular and halloween style, as steve sax demonstrates.

here's the regular version.

now here's the baseball's best version.

i am a sucker for variations.

speaking of which, dayf added some o-pee-chee, by request. i love o-pee-chee variations, and 1986 had them in spades. here's joaquin andujar.
now with a's. awesome.

1988 also had variations, but they forgot to modify the team layout. here's the worst offensive shortstop to play for a world series champion, alfredo griffin.
now with dodgers. but still with a's, apparently.
thanks dayf. and merry belated christmas.

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night owl said...

That Andujar is sweet.

Alfredo Griffin can rest easy. Ray Oyler of the 1968 Tigers was probably the worst offensive shortstop to play for a World Series Champion. He hit .135!