19 January 2009

1985 donruss visits dodger stadium and disappears from my collection

i went looking for my 1985 donruss last weekend, and struck out. i have no idea what happened to my dodgers. i did find a couple of dodger stadium shots, though.
john gibbons gives us the right field corner, with the dodger stadium restaurant just above his left ear, andy van slyke is happy to be in front of the multi-colored seats,and bob knepper doesn't look pleased at all to be in chavez ravine. poor mr grumpy gills.
this was a nice set - tough black borders, i know - with some pretty good rookies (gooden, sabes, 'jeff' pendleton).

i have added the 1985 donruss dodgers (and a couple others) to my want list. any help is appreciated.

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Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Love the sunburned Van Slyke in an odd dark blue Cardinals batting practice pullover.