18 January 2009

from night comes the dawn

and some good cards.

greg at night owl cards sent me cards recently. here are a few of the goodies:
2005 upper deck milton bradley.featuring the wrigley field ivy. nice card. i so wanted milton to succeed in la, although i can't complain about getting ethier in the trade. good luck in chicago, milton.

another 2005 upper deck, this time adrian beltre.with shawn green lurking in the background. plus a very rotund coach on the other side of the batting cage. mark cresse perhaps?

1992 classic best anthony collier.he never made the show, but at least he has a baseball card.

1996 topps david yocum.another guy who never made it up. looks like a v-neck t-shirt jersey like i used to wear. if you look really closely, you can see the florida state logo just above the 'e' in 'dodgers'.

2004 topps jim tracy.with glenn hoffman lurking in the background. no doubt plotting his re-asencion to the throne of dodger management. instead, hoffman went to san diego.

2002 topps chan ho park.pretty standard rhp in dodger stadium photo. this will be the subject of a future post. chan ho completed his second stint with the dodgers last year, and will spend 2009 with the phillies. i am always curious about guys who sign with the reigning champ. how awkward is it on opening day when everyone else gets their rings? also, is it really likely that they will repeat?

finally, some 2008 topps allen & ginter for my set.

matt tolbert with his arms crossed. vernon wells in the same pose.
hideki kuroda with hands behind his back.what gives? why not show their hands?

oh, i get it.
they're afraid of the moises alou urinary hi-5. understood, gentlemen.

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night owl said...

Nice ending! Ha! Alou will never live that down.

Clever blog title, too. And that card of Milton does take on a new perspective, huh?