04 January 2009

orioles turned into dodgers

so, i sent kevin a bunch of orioles he needed (and some he didn't) and he reciprocated with some dodgers (and twins).

such as, 1993 ted williams steve garvey.whoever wrote the ted williams copy was on the garvey train for sure, calling him "the most prolific and consistent run producer of the 1970's..." too bad ted williams won't be able to vote on the veteran's committee in a few years. cryogenics gets in the way.

1994 topps jody reed.jody is either calling his shot or putting his curse on the dodgers - "i will unwisely turn down your lucrative contract offer, forcing you to trade pedro martinez for a new second baseman, and then wind up in milwaukee playing for far less money!"

and some roy's - not campy, but these kind of roy's:

1989 donruss fernando valenzuela.
the 1981 nl rookie of the year (and cy young winner). started the 1981 season as a last minute replacement for jerry reuss, and went on a run - he went 9 innings in each of his first 8 starts (which included one game the dodgers won in the 10th). during this time, he had 7 complete games and 5 shutouts. finished 2nd in the 1986 cy young voting to mike scott, whom i begrudgingly admit deserved it that year.

1994 ud collector's choice eric karros.
the 1992 nl rookie of the year. fabio is shown accepting the plaque for the award, now named for jackie robinson the 1947 roy.
1995 topps stadium club todd hollandsworth.
the 1996 nl rookie of the year. i really liked holly. he was traded to colorado for tom goodwin, the same tom goodwin the dodgers gave up to waivers a few years earlier. todd won a world series ring with the marlins in 1993. i was shocked to see that he played as recently as 2006 for the indians and reds. where's the 2007 final tribute card?!?
not a roy, but a twinkie - 2007 topps turkey red joe mauer.

mauer was injured for most of his rookie year, otherwise i am sure he would have beat out bobby crosby for the award.

thanks kevin!

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night owl said...

Hollandsworth for Goodwin. Yikes. That sounds even worse now than it did then.