10 January 2009

some dodgers, padres and a brewograph from padrographs

rod over at padrographs contacted me about garvey cey russell and lopes in other uniforms and wanted to know if i was interested in those types of cards. of course i am! a short while later, a nice group of cards showed up. here are just a few:

1963 fleer tommy davis.this is the first 1963 fleer card i own. much nicer than the knock-off vintage cards of today. in 1963, tommy was coming off a monster year where he led the majors in batting average and rbi.

1987 donruss and 1987 donruss opening day steve garvey.this would be garvey's last regular donruss card as he played in only 16 games in 1987. as i have lamented a couple of times here, score was the only manufacturer to make a garvey card in 1988. the opening day card looks like it might be at dodger stadium, with the light blue wall and reddish-orange pavilion seats peeking through the crowd.

1988 topps padres leaders.tony gwynn and benito santiago. how ironic that the padres leaders card features a shot at dodger stadium. i know the dodgers leaders card from this set features a road picture too. weird. i knew this card was coming because i read rod's blog.

2000 mlb all century team playing cards jackie robinson as the king of clubs.interestingly enough, jackie is shown in his montreal minor league uniform. i believe they were the royals.

2002 topps davey lopes.managing the brew crew. upon closer inspection, i noticed that this card was signed by davey! good times! makes sense - he coached for the padres at one time, but didn't have any pads cards. awesome!

2002 upper deck piece of history steve garvey tape measure heroes jersey.nice. celebrating his 1984 nlcs game winner off of lee arthur smith. it may not have been a tape measure job, but it cleared the fence, and that's what counts.

finally, 2008 topps stadium club manny ramirez.1st day issue, numbered 225/599. the most idiotic airbrush job i know of. there is no reason to airbrush a manny card. stadium club is known for its photography, for goodness sake. i have to believe they wanted to use the 'ninety nine' store ad to tie in to manny's jersey number. at any rate, happy to have the card.

rod, thanks. i hope the cards i sent your way are equally appreciated. and get over to jake's sometime for some good eats.

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night owl said...

Nice contrast between the first card (simple classic) to the last card (lunacy).