30 January 2009

free junk, that's it

just like fat sam. ah, the simple pleasures.

dayf sent me some cards. they weren't junk and they weren't free (i sent him some 84 fleer, braves and an 87 donruss), but i will take any opportunity to quote 'fletch'.

let's start with the fleers - dayf sent a pack of 1984 that he had opened and a sealed pack of 1990.

here's bill gullickson all smiles in dodger stadium. and the lone dodger (and future brave) alejandro pena. on to the 1990 pack. the highlight for me was paul molitordayf must have known that this pack contained a john smoltz which is why it was jettisoned from georgia with such haste.

next, there were some vladdy cards, including the timeline basealong with some other timeline cards like the russell martin 1992 minors spfinally, there was a 1954 topps joe black.
i am not sure if that's the good angel or the bad angel on his shoulder. the absent one must have been stuck in traffic behind the manure spreader that jack-knifed on the santa ana. god awful mess.

thanks dayf!

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