21 January 2009

have it your way

davey, sorry, dave lopes was featured in the 1980 burger king 'pitch-hit-run' set, the only dodger to be included, i might add. i think he was part of the 'run' subset. i guess the dodgers had neither pitchers or hitters that year. or was this like the all-star roster with one rep from each team? nope. the astros had 5 players, and a few teams had zero.

this was the first national burger king set, i believe. prior to this, there were regional team issues (yankees and phillies were two that i am aware of). anyway, at least they used a different photo for the card.

here's lopes' 1980 o-pee-chee card, which had the same photo as the topps version, of course.so the king's version was not much of a variation, but still enough for me to get excited.

it's too bad the card doesn't smell of flame broiled goodness. at least they held the pickles.