12 January 2009

ramon martinez and the last don drysdale card?

back on june 4, 1990, ramon martinez struck out 18 braves en route to a 3-hit shutout, as commemorated on this 1991 score card. what is really interesting to me is that he had 18 strikeouts after 23 outs, meaning he had a few more chances to tie or even set the major league record (roger clemens had 20, later tied by kerry wood), or at least tie the national league record (19 - held at the time by steve carlton and tom seaver, later joined by david cone) . in those games, carlton struck out the last 4 batters of the game, and seaver struck out the last 10 padres he faced. david cone would get his 18th strikeout as the first out of the ninth inning.

unfortunately for ramon, he was not able to strike anyone else out. still, not a bad day at the office considering that sandy koufax is the only other dodger to ever achieve the feat.

now, take a look at the back of the card. ramon is being interviewed by none other than big d himself - don drysdale - whose career high for single game strikeouts was 14. don was an announcer for the dodgers, working with vin scully and ross porter, from 1988 until his death in july 1993, which occurred while he was covering the dodgers in montreal. unless he had a 1993 ted williams card, i am guessing that this was the last card to feature drysdale while he was still alive.

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