16 January 2009

the dodger's journey

as many of you know, jason at the writer's journey recently traded a bunch of cards for cards of his team, the reds. i, of course, asked for dodgers, and jason provided quite a selection. around 600 cards of the boys in blue came my way, including:

1988 score mike ramsey.
jon weisman of dodger thoughts selected mike ramsey as the most obscure but memorable dodger. he's also one of the few 'same name, different guy' players the dodgers have had - mike marshall and ramon martinez are the other ones i know of.

1981 drake's steve garvey.
1992 megacards babe ruth.reminiscent of the 1962 topps cards documenting the babe's career. this one is fairly informative regarding ruth's hopes of becoming a manager while the dodgers viewed his hiring as a coach to be more of a gimmick to draw fans.

1991 donruss eddie murray.
this is the year after eddie led the majors in batting average but failed to win a batting title. thanks, willie mcgee.

2001 topps archives preacher roe.this isn't a certified auto, so it's either an in-person/ttm or someone practicing their preacher roe signature.

one of the best things about this whole adventure is that jason created a digital card to mark the occasion - a 2008 topps steve garvey.

i figured i should return the favor, so i took a shot at a 2007 topps todd hollandsworth.this would be the 'no signature' variation. hollandsworth wrapped up his career in 2006 by playing a partial season with the reds. alas, there was no final tribute. until now.

jason - thank you for the cards! i hope you enjoy the 800 or so reds i sent back your way!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the cards! I have no idea if the Roe auto is legit or not...I didn't even notice it on the card!

And nice work on the Hollandsworth!