03 January 2009

dodger cards from white sox cards

first, let me say i am way behind on these posts. i want to feature all the trades i have made, so bear with me.
steve over at white sox cards sent some good stuff. here are just a few of them.

1984 topps steve yeager.
yeager is the catcher i identify the dodgers of my youth with the most. he platooned with joe ferguson, and shared the duties with jerry grote and johnny oates, among others, but he was the guy as far as i was concerned. everything they say about chuck norris? i'm pretty sure it's true for steve yeager as well. the guy is tough.

1985 fleer ken howell.
with dodger stadium behind him, there's nothing he can't do. although i don't remember too much about him. nice card, though.
1990 classic kirk gibson.
the official card of zubaz. how many cards were made of kirk gibson in 89 and 90? a bunch. well, he deserved it. that chuck norris stuff is true for gibby, too.

1995 ud sp roger cedeno.
i couldn't find sp when it came out in 95, so this is great. cedeno is one of those guys that played better after leaving the dodgers. good for him.

2006 topps turkey red rafael furcal.
who ticked off the atlanta braves a couple of weeks ago? ok, raffy, put your hand down. glad to have him back. now just stay healthy.

and now for the former dodger - 2008 upper deck timeline (2004 timeless teams) pedro martinez.

i love this subset, which is probably why steve sent it. either that or he wants me to re-live the pain of the past. either way, i'm happy to have the card.

thanks steve. i will send out some more white sox when i get caught up.

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White Sox Cards said...

Glad they got there safely. I heeded your call for those specific Timeline cards.