19 January 2009

be home blyleven and in the hall by 2011

i am a fan of bert blyleven.
he is a broadcaster with the twins (a homer for sure, which i usually can't stand) so i see him a fair amount. i have met him a couple of times at twins events, and he seems like a pretty decent guy. even if he couldn't figure out where he was supposed to sign this 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams card.there has been much written and discussed the last few days about the hall of fame, and bert's lack of support. there have also been many references to his 'i (love) to fart' t-shirt. i found this post to be interesting. it really hammers home how different the game was when he was pitching - no middle relief specialists or closers like today. sure he bounced around a bit, but he retired third all-time in strikeouts - one of the three true outcomes of the game.

i am optimistic that bert will get the call someday. hopefully, like he says, he's on the right side of the ground when it happens.

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