23 January 2009

reese or gilliam?

as shawn green settles under the can of corn on his 2002 upper deck card, i am guessing he gave no thought to the mural behind him.

it is one of the many variations of murals the dodgers used in the late 90's and early 00's to honor rookies of the year, retired numbers, world championships, and award winning players - before the mccourts used the fence as a big billboard to generate money for ned to waste.

this one, obviously, is honoring the dodgers' retired numbers, and the only ones beginning with a '1' are pee wee reese who wore number 1 and jim gilliam who wore number 19. my guess is it's pee wee as the '1' looks centered.

either way, it's worthy of recognition.

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dayf said...

I agree, that's probably Pee-Wee. I hope there are similar cards of the Braves this year, they had a "longest continually operating franchise" theme on their wall this year with Billy Hamilton, Cy Young, Phil Niekro and a few others on the wall.