07 January 2009

saving mike scioscia

i forgive mike scioscia for managing the angels. really, i do. he should have managed the dodgers, but the sherriff was unwilling to comply. he was a rock at home plate - he always blocked it, and he always held on to the ball, even when getting knocked out by jack clark or chili davis.
he was the link from yeager to piazza. in his first week in the majors, he caught shutouts from don sutton and dave goltz! the last game he caught in the majors was a shutout by pedro astacio. in between, he caught no-hitters by fernando and kevin gross.
he rarely struck out. he hit the game tying home run off of dwight gooden in the top of the 9th in game 4 of the 1988 nlcs (a game kirk gibson would win in the 12th with a home run of his own), and he singled in the 3rd run of game 1 of the 1988 world series, setting up another famous gibson home run.
so, when mark at stats on the back told me he had found some rogue scioscia cards after shipping out the rest of his dodgers to me and night owl, i jumped at the chance to save them. all 22 of them. there were some other dodgers along for the ride, but i'll let this be all about mike scioscia. the hardest working guy at the springfield nuclear power plant.
a tip of the mask to you, mark.thanks for the cards.

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