14 January 2009

o brother, where art thou?

the dodgers have a bit of a history of being on the wrong end of the brother spectrum. ken brett instead of george. jolbert instead of orlando? ramon was good, but keeping pedro could have been great. cesar or maicer izturis - it's a push, as are the aybars (we had erick - or was it willie?). but perhaps no greater disparity existed between brothers as far as the dodgers were concerned as the guerreros.
they could have had vladimir (twice)
but instead they signed wiltonthen, when they try to sign vladdy as a free agent, bud selig shoots it down over concerns of mccourt's finances.

look how happy vlad is to be in dodger stadium, signing autographs under the shadow of the logo. what a missed opportunity!

at any rate, i am glad matt kemp doesn't have a baseball playing brother. it makes ned's choice of which kemp to keep a lot easier.

in other news, i am officially adding vladimir guerrero cards to my 'wants'. bring 'em on!

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Wax Heaven said...

Damn shame as Wilton was such a scrub player. Seems like only one brother ever makes it big in baseball.