06 January 2009

the old perfessor

i really don't know anything about casey stengel's playing days, other than he was an outfielder for the brooklyn dodgers.

i do know that he managed the dodgers before moving on to the yankees and mets. and that he had big ears.
this 1981 cramer card is from the first old-timey players set i ever saw and collected. i remember it was issued in 3 series over a period of time, and i bought each series as it was released. check that - twins cards is reporting that there were 4 series, plus 4 box bottom cards, issued over a 4 year period. i guess i am now looking for the 4th series.

anyway, here's casey stengel not sitting on the dugout steps for a change.


shanediaz82 said...

That's a pretty cool card. Never seen those before.

dayf said...

Don't forget Casey managed the Braves too!