09 July 2013

it's time for the annual comparison between the topps flagship dodgers and the topps dodger factory set cards

when i did this last year, there were 8 cards that were different - either different photos or different cropping. at the time, i hoped that 2013 would bring more. thus, i am disappointed. here we go...as usual, the flagship card is on the left, and the factory set card is on the right. not that it matters much.

adrian gonzalez
matt kemp
clayton kershaw
andre ethier
carl crawford
hanley ramirez
mark ellis
aj ellis
zack greinke
kenley jansen
josh beckett
chad billingsley
dee gordon
ted lilly
brandon league
luis cruz
and the bonus, exclusive card - dodger stadium - for which there is no comp in the flagship set
since it's the only thing different in the set, let's look at the back.
yes, the weather can be fantastic, and sometimes the days are clear and the mountains are visible, but it's really the 'fine' teams that bring the fans to the games.

i'm glad that the ted lilly card is the same, and the dee gordon double play is nice, too, but seriously. what's the point.

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MrMopar said...

Just got my 2013 set in the mail today. Bummer that there are 0 variations.