18 July 2013

garvey, you're a star. even in brown and yellow

here, with minimal commentary, are the rest of the 1984 star steve garvey cards.  they skip his cup of coffee in 1969 and jump right to 1970.  full season recaps from there through 1983, his first year with the pads.  they must have run out of photos of garvey in dodger blue because they get to the brown and yellow pretty quickly.
i think that middle photo was used in 2012's panini golden age release
haha. the padres were almost out of san diego in 1974.  they were nowhere near the postseason.

hey look! it's mike schmidt!
many a kid in socal ripped their pants trying to do the 'garvey stretch'
that middle card would be a good one for the ray kroc memorial post, thanks to the 'rak' patch and the mcdonald's wristband.  you'll have to wait and see if it makes the memorial binder.
there you have it.  the set was printed too early to capture garvey's 1984 nlcs heroics, but they did give him the 'future hall of famer' tag, so that was nice.


night owl said...

That set is so weird. Showing him with the Padres while listing 1970s info? Whaaaaaa?

Fuji said...

I picked up a few of these sheets when I was down in SD earlier in the year. With that being said... I've always considered Garvey a Dodger... and I'm a huge Padres fan.