20 July 2013

turning two for the gazillionth time

double play cards just keep turning up!  i can't help myself from acquiring them, either.

here's a 1988 score marty barrett
with his back turned just like jay bell on his 1991 fleer ultra
scott garrelts on the basepaths, too!

bell gets upended a bit on his 1990 upper deck card
but rights the ship on his 1993 fleer ultra card
rafael ramirez gets a couple of dp's at wrigley - here's his 1990 upper deck card
and here's his 1991 topps stadium club card
craig grebeck also makes two stops in this post - a 1993 score card
and a 1993 score select card
thanks to score for not using the same photo!

how about a 1996 bowman jason mcdonald card?
don't mind if i do.

and here's omar vizquel doing what he does best on a 1999 upper deck card
there is some chromey double play goodness on this 2000 topps chrome mike lansing card
and some traded double play niceness on this 2004 topps traded alex gonzalez card
don't worry - i'm not even close to being done with posting all of my double play cards.  stay tuned.

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