16 July 2013

turning two for tuesday

here are a few more double play cards i have picked up in the past few months.  these came mostly by way of browsing comc, the lcs nickel boxes, and maybe even some help from folks like jeff at 2x3 heroes.

let's start with a nice diamond cut 1982 fleer rich dauer, featuring carlton fisk sliding in
sticking with fleer, here is a 1985 glenn hubbard, with dodger mike marshall sliding in
and another 1985 fleer card - ron oester - with no one visibly sliding in
i am not one to do such things, but if there were a 'comeback card of the year' post or contest somewhere, i would vote for that hubbard card given the weirdness that his 1984 fleer card presented.  

here's a 1998 fleer tradition fernando vina card
and his brew crew teammate jose valentin on a 1998 pacific card
also from pacific in 1998 comes this scott spiezio online red parallel release
the a's had a ton of double play cards in the late '90's thanks to spiezio, brent gates, and this next guy, miguel tejada
that's a 2000 fleer focus.  and this is a 2000 fleer ultra gold medallion edition
obviously, tejada is not doing the dp turning there.  instead, nomar is doing the work.  just like on this 2000 fleer tradition card
with bonus (sort of) double play action on the back
nomar's 2003 fleer mystique card also shows him making the turn, or at least prepping for the throw to start the double play.
based on where his right foot is, i am pretty certain the intent there is to turn two, and not just get a force at second.

back to more traditional double play turning with cesar izturis' 2009 upper deck card
and jhonny peralta's 2011 topps card
hooray for double play cards!

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Nick said...

That '82 Fleer Dauer is awesome! Love the Fisk cameo.