20 July 2013

turning two for the gazillionth and one time

for the second time today, let's celebrate the art of turning two.

1982 fleer bill almon
saw that one for the first time in 31 years on jeff's 2x3 heroes blog.  jeff also alerted me to this card, a 1992 donruss wally backman
not completely sure it's a dp thanks to the stand-up slide employed by the pirate player, but i'll go with it until proven otherwise.

1992 leaf pat kelly
and 1993 score select pat kelly
both times turning two against the a's, but different plays.  for some reason, oakland was home to a lot of double plays displayed on baseball cards.

1993 fleer jeff frye

frye is avoiding the forearm shiv to the groin

here are a couple of edgar renteria turns - 1997 pacific
and 1998 donruss
back to oaktown, here is a 1994 upper deck sp die cut brent gates
and a 1996 fleer ultra gates, too
and i still have a bunch more brent gates double play cards yet to show.

here's another guy with a lot of double play turning cards - edgardo alfonzo
that's a 1997 fleer ultra gold medallion edition card, and this is a 2000 fleer skybox card
the fancy artsy detailing on that card almost wiped out any evidence of the player sliding in.  thankfully, there is just enough to know that it is a double play turn.

last but not least, as far as this post goes, is a 2002 donruss jimmy rollins card
looks like the dp has been broken up there.

more double plays to come over the next few weeks.  stay tuned.

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