07 July 2013

attack of the revenge of the double plays, part 643

i have a few different ways of finding double play cards.  probably the most common way these days is by noticing cards posted on other blogs.  that includes cards that should have been, like this 1956 topps bill mazeroski card that was created by bob lemke
another way is by going back and looking through my collection.  i didn't always pull double play cards for the binder.  i recently decided to break my 1991 upper deck set to get at the double plays that weren't already in my dp collection.  i wound up with jerry browne
alvaro espinosa
mike gallego - front
and back
donnie hill
paul molitor
jody reed
ryne sandberg
and frank white
i also found a 1992 classic denny hocking card in my binder that had not yet been posted here
more perusing through the boxed up cards revealed the back of a 1994 topps travis fryman card
and a 1995 topps john valentin cyberstats parallel
as well as a 2001 topps stadium club orlando cabrera card
those are only a couple of ways that i find double play cards to my collection.  i will give examples of other methods another time.

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Nick said...

I've constantly been finding new cards for my mini-collections in stacks I'd previously tossed aside.

It's been fun going through all my "extras" thus far in search of them. I've dug up quite a few new "double dip" cards as well!