07 July 2013

one good turn deserves a few more

yes, it's double play time.  here's troy tulowitzki's 2013 topps archives card.
if it looks familiar, i might have shown it in one of my archives posts from a few weeks back, as well as my series two post since it's the same photo that was used for his 1972 mini insert.

going back in time to 2004 fleer tradition with omar vizquel
and further back to 1997 fleer ultra with delino deshields
it wasn't until recently that i realized that, in 1997 at least, the ultra gold medallion cards weren't just parallels of the base set - they had completely different photos.

now on to the jimmy rollins portion of the post.  rollins turns two on his 2003 bowman card
his 2005 upper deck card
and his 2005 fleer ultra card
and teammate placido polanco does the turn on his 2005 topps opening day card
back to 1998 with pinnacle and craig biggio
and carlos baerga (plus a sliding ryne sandberg)
here's a 2007 upper deck david eckstein
a 2008 upper deck first edition rickie weeks
and a 2008 topps stadium club dustin pedroia
i have picked up a number of new-to-me double play cards over the past few months.  once i get my posts and lists up to date, i will commence with the greatest double play card of all-time tournament.  for reals.

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P-town Tom said...

Oh! A tournament! Bring it on!