26 July 2013

i found another way to love the 2012 topps update adam kennedy card

remember how much i love(d) this card?  the 2012 topps update adam kennedy card?
in addition to the base, there was the black bordered version
and the blue bordered version from wal-mart.
the gold bordered version, numbered to 2012.
the gold sparkle version
and the version from target with red borders
there is the silk version
and, i also have a base version signed.
outside of a printing plate, i thought i had them all.  i was wrong.  a week or so ago, i stumbled across this - an orange bordered parallel
it's numbered to 210, and apparently was part of a factory update set.  is nice, no?  at any rate, it completes the 9-pocket page for this particular card.  thanks to the person who bought a factory set of this and broke it up.  i would expect that giants and orioles fans might go for the singles, too, but i'm not pursuing any more of the orange cards from the set.  although if you have some dodgers to trade, i am open to it...

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