28 July 2013

jaybarkerfan's pwe bombs reach the midwest

10 pwe bombs greeted me in my mailbox on friday.
all chock full of dodger goodness.

here are the contents of the first five that i opened.

pwe #1:

1981 fleer dusty baker
2008 ud documentary matt kemp
1982 topps ron cey (in action)
2007 topps greg maddux (gold glove)
2009 ud icons clayton kershaw
1987 topps fernando valenzuela glossy all-star
pwe #2:

2010 upper deck andre ethier (biography)
2009 topps update & highlights orlando hudson (all-star)
2009 topps update & highlights jonathan broxton (all-star)
2012 topps chad billingsley
2009 topps update & highlights george sherrill

pwe #3:

1981 topps traded ken landreaux
1992 topps chris gwynn
2006 topps update & highlights derek lowe (league leader)
i wonder how topps determined who would get to be on the front of the card?  it's cool that lowe got the top spot, but it could have been one of six guys.  there could have been another dodger, too, as brad penny also had 16 wins.
1984 topps greg brock
2006 topps update & highlights jd drew (classic duos)
2009 topps randy wolf
2012 topps hiroki kuroda

pwe #4:

2010 upper deck clayton kershaw
2010 upper deck jeff weaver
2010 upper deck hiroki kuroda
2010 upper deck james loney
2010 upper deck dodger stadium

pwe #5:

2009 topps update & highlights chad billingsley (all-star)
2002 upper deck vintage kevin brown
2003 topps paul loduca
2010 upper deck randy wolf

good stuff!

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