06 July 2013

recap the repack

out of boredom (is there any other reason?) i picked up a fairfield 100 card repack recently.  it's pretty cool to pull a pete rose out of a pack in 2013.
even if he's rocking the double chin.

here are the cards that i was dealt, so to speak.

1978 topps jose baez
1977 topps steve luebber
1978 topps tom paciorek

there are my three vintage cards right out of the gate.  a former dodger farmhand (and cousin of manny mota), a random twin, and a former dodger.  speaking of which...

1988 score mike morgan (he's shown with seattle at this point in his career)
1992 donruss hensley meulens
1994 classic julio santana
1989 upper deck andre dawson
1989 upper deck gene nelson
1989 upper deck john cerutti
1988 topps padres leaders (tony gwynn and benito santiago - in dodger stadium!)
1987 donruss ken howell
1980 topps miguel dilone
1980 topps dick davis
1988 donruss eric show
1988 donruss todd worrell
1988 donruss shawn hillegas - with the don mcmahon memorial patch
1988 donruss curt ford
1987 donruss scott mcgregor
1987 donruss scott mcgregor
1988 donruss greg swindell
1988 donruss greg swindell
1988 donruss billy hatcher (in dodger stadium)
1988 donruss chris bando
1994 upper deck trot nixon
1990 score jose alvarez
1990 score carlos martinez
1990 score tim laudner
1990 score george brett
1990 score domingo ramos
1990 score bill ripken
1990 score bert blyleven
1990 score todd burns
1990 score shawon dunston
1990 score jim presley
1997 upper deck sp edgar renteria
1994 topps steve dreyer
1997 fleer sports illustrated todd hundley
1997 upper deck sp mark mcgwire
1994 topps mark mclemore
1997 topps stadium club donne wall
1997 upper deck sp geronimo berroa
1993 topps gregg olson
1989 donruss mvp will clark
1995 upper deck collector's choice todd hollandsworth
1993 upper deck eddie taubensee
1995 upper deck collector's choice special edition jose valentin
1992 fleer eddie murray
1990 upper deck eddie murray - this is the back
1991 donruss highlights eddie murray
1992 upper deck eddie murray (400 home run club)
1988 topps mark mcgwire record breaker
1988 topps eddie murray
1985 topps don aase
1981 fleer larry christenson

on to the second part of the rack pack

1989 topps bazooka jose canseco
1989 topps cap'n crunch andre dawson
1987 topps rookies ruben sierra
1987 topps rookies rafael palmeiro
1996 fleer ultra gold medallion edition julian tavarez
1987 topps rookies pete incaviglia
1987 topps rookies dave magadan
1987 topps jim dwyer
1987 topps mike lavaliere
1997 topps randy myers
1997 upper deck collector's choice paul wilson - hey mets fans.  before you get too excited about matt harvey and zach wheeler, remember the wilson, bill pulsipher, and jason isringhausen hype.
1987 topps ed lynch - giving pete rose a run for his double chin money
1992 topps tracy jones
1992 topps john olerud
1991 upper deck mike devereaux
1988 fleer mike sharperson
1992 topps ben mcdonald
1988 fleer lee tunnel
1996 upper deck collector's choice tyler green
1987 topps ronn reynolds
1989 donruss roberto kelly
1988 donruss harry spilman
1993 topps stadium club bob wickman
1993 topps bj surhoff
1993 topps tim raines
1992 leaf milt thompson
1989 topps mike gallego
1990 topps kmart howard Johnson
1986 topps shawon dunston
1988 topps mike bielecki
1988 topps willie hernandez
1990 upper deck gerald perry
1990 upper deck todd burns
1988 fleer bill ripken - one year away from f*ck face.  can someone explain to me why beckett referred to the 1989 fleer bill ripken card as 'rick face'?  when i saw that in the price guide back then, i assumed that they switched out a 'd' for the 'r'.  wouldn't it have made more sense to say 'puck face'? or 'duck face'?  whatever.  here's the 1988 card with a harmless number 3 on his bat knob.
1990 upper deck jeff reed
1986 topps wayne krenchicki
1984 milton bradley championship baseball pete rose - as seen up top
1987 topps wayne krenchicki
1993 fleer ultra frank seminara
1990 upper deck glenn braggs
1987 topps eric davis
1990 fleer dickie thon
1990 upper deck steve searcy
1989 fleer tim jones
1992 fleer ultra mike gallego
1986 topps dwight gooden (record breaker)
1988 fleer jeff ballard
1990 upper deck scott sanderson
1991 donruss matt williams
1992 fleer ultra dale murphy
2008 topps michael barrett

that's it.  until next time i have some cash to waste.


--David said...

Nice mix of stars and folks no one has ever heard of. Haha!

MrMopar said...

I don't believe there are any good cards in those repackaged deals. They claim it, but has anyone ever seen, heard or witnessed a "GOOD" card pulled from one?

Fuji said...

Nice Rose. As for the Ripken question, I've been wondering the same thing for years.