16 July 2013

in this episode of turning two...

it's another turning two for tuesday post.  once again, thanks for the help in locating double play cards goes to those of you who post such things on your blogs or email me with new finds.

here's a 1992 fleer ultra william suero
and the back of a 1993 donruss harold reynolds card
bless those of you who turn the cards over.

this next one i am not completely sure about.  it's a 1994 topps craig shipley card
because of shipley's feet being at the front of the bag and not having slid over or past the base, i think this is probably not a double play.  plus, howard johnson looks like he is applying a tag and the umpire seems to be waddling over to get a closer look.  and, by the way, what is hojo doing at second?  still it's a nice play at second base.  just not a double play.  i don't think.

now is the time in the post that we look at 1995 leaf cards.  first, shawon dunston
followed by damion easley
with walt weiss, too.
plus a cameo from delino deshields!

here's a 1995 pinnacle gary disarcina
i like this card very much.  the yellow pinnacle triangle and green a's helmet bring some pops of color, and disarcina is also wearing the jimmie reese memorial armband.  i'll discuss that in a different post.

here's a 2005 topps placido polanco
i have received that polanco card from a couple of fellow bloggers because it is a dp turn, but also because it shows the memorial patches that the phillies wore for tug mcgraw and paul owens in 2004.  but, like the jimmie reese armband, i'll cover those memorials in a different post.

here's a 2006 topps update jerry hairston jr card
hairston won't get cards like that as a dodger, because he is too busy playing first base and the outfield

now for a dose of 2008 upper deck - chone figgins
aaron hill
mark loretta
kazuo matsui
and ryan theriot
i'll finish off with another jimmy rollins card, this one from 2010 topps
until next time, keep turning two!

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Nick said...

That Dunston is sweet!