22 July 2013

don wilson remembered

don wilson's name was mentioned on mlb network a couple of weeks ago after homer bailey threw his second no-hitter.  that's because wilson had two of his own.  during his career, wilson logged double-digit win totals in each of his 8 full seasons with the astros.  he made the all-star team once, and finished fourth in the league in strikeouts in 1969.  prior to the 1975 season, however, the 29-year old wilson died.  for more information, it's probably best to check out the a great article on wilson that mike lynch at seamheads put together.

here is don wilson's 1975 topps card
which i borrowed from night owl's 1975 topps blog

early in the 1975 season, the astros retired wilson's number 40, and his teammates wore a memorial patch on their uniforms. it is prominently featured here on wilbur howard's 1976 topps card
as well as that of rob andrews
but for my memorials binder, i'll use this 1975 sspc card of bob watson
the card seems to have the appropriate tone to it.

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