01 July 2013

o-pee-chee has no new tale to tell, even if it is canada day

happy canada day to those of you who acknowledge such holidays.  i figured instead of showing off some justin morneau bowman international parallel cards (especially since i don't own any), i would go one better and show some o-pee-chee goodness that i have recently acquired.  unfortunately, the cards that i picked up are from a year where there were no variations.

on a side note, it's been a while since oh my o-pee-chee wrapped up its run, but i notice that it still gets a few views now and then. i had a good time going through (and acquiring) all of the variations that o-pee-chee had to offer.  in 1973, however, terry crowley is about to meet up with thurman munson
just as it is on his topps card.

and, duke sims is wearing dodger blue on glenn beckert's card
just as he does in the topps set.

bill hands is still a twin pitching in wrigley field
and dave johnson is still a brave turning two in yankee stadium
just like in the topps set.

likewise, dodgers willie crawford
 al downing
 and pete richert
look the same as they do in their topps versions.

there are some things that set the o-pee-chee set apart from its topps counterpart, however.  there is french on the front of some cards, like the rookie cards that included charlie hough
 and doug rau
 and on the postseason recap cards that included one of the best double play cards ever issued
 as well as on the boyhood photos of the stars, and this chris speier card shows.
of course, there is also french on the back.  and so we can learn that canadian native mike kilkenny carries his cartes de baseball in his sac
that is a far better cartoon than one that might have pointed out kilkenny having played for four different teams in 1972.

here's to you canada, and thanks for giving us o-pee-chee!

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Play at the Plate said...

I love that Crowley PATP and that is a sweet double play card.