14 July 2013

mick the fairly quick

mickey hatcher is back with the dodgers in some capacity, and so i sent him some cards during spring training through the mail to see if he would sign them.  i had a previous success with the stunt man when he was working for the angels.  well, about 3 and a half months later, the cards showed up in my mailbox.  i was pleased.

1988 topps
1990 topps
1991 upper deck
the upper deck card is a dupe, if anyone is interested.  i commented a while back that i didn't recall anyone but fernando wearing that style of dodger pullover.  well, here is someone else wearing it.

hatcher was a big part of the 1988 world championship team with 2 home runs in the world series against the a's.  plus, he was a dodger double dipper.

thanks mickey!

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