12 July 2013

direct strikes on the nefarious 9

so yesterday i showed some cards that i had wanted and have fairly recently acquired - before they were added to my most wanted list - the nefarious 9.  today, i show the five cards i have eliminated from the list.  sadly, my means has been sportlots and comc, rather than the good old trade.

2007 fleer nomar garciaparra soaring stars insert
in space, nomar would be more of a floating star.  now that i have this card, i think i might have all of the nomar as a dodger cards, aside from printing plates and all of that sort of nonsense.  i'm not sure, but i don't know of any base or 'normal' inserts or parallel cards of his i am missing.

i was missing 3 of the 5 1996 upper deck hideo nomo highlights cards.  no more.  or should i say, no mo?

here are cards 1
and 5
in the set.

finally, donnie baseball has been acquired.  the 2013 topps heritage version of don mattingly, that is
i think this completes my heritage team set, but i am probably wrong since i don't have an official want list to check.  someday i will bring my want lists up to date.

anyway, it's time to add some cards to the nefarious 9.  one will definitely be the 1998 fleer tradition dennis reyes card that night owl showed last night.  i will also need to add a non-dodger bonus card (or two) since i picked up the 2009 upper deck opc mike pelfrey card that had been sitting there for a while.

if you have any of the cards on the list, i would be more than happy to make a trade.  please - help a blogger out!

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