25 July 2013

another trade collision

i received some cards from fuji and p-town tom within a day or two of each other recently.  there was some overlap, but that's ok because dodger overlap is the best kind.  fuji sent some 2013 bowman gold in the form of clayton kershaw
i appreciate the dodger stadium shot, with the brooklyn cap.  the photo must be from jackie robinson day in 2012, right?

before we see some other 2013 bowman niceness, here's a 2012 topps chris capuano walmart blue parallel
i appreciate the airbrush - at least topps got his number right.

ok, back to the 2013 bowman.  here's a josh beckett home state parallel
josh hails from texas.  yee-haw.

here's his gold parallel version
as well as that of hanley ramirez
not since 1996 donruss has there been a set that seemed to censor the crotchal region like this.

p-town tom sent the same hanley
and beckett gold cards
but he also included the blue parallel hanley
as well as a beckett base
he also sent an andre ethier base
and a hyun jin ryu gold parallel
plus a joc pederson card, too.
and, just to be different, there was some 1991 donruss studio in the package too.  here's hall of famer gary carter
thanks guys!

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