01 July 2013

standing on guard for thee

so, in addition to those 1973 o-pee-chee cards that i showed off earlier today, i also picked up some canadian cards from 1975.  the lot included the entire infield - garvey
and lopes
plus some other dodgers like bill buckner
ken mcmullen
and doug rau
rau is posing in front of the holman stadium bleachers that most recently showed up on 2007 topps dodger cards and 2009 topps heritage cards.

like his 1973 issue, 1975 was pretty much the same as its topps counterpart.  more so, in fact.

here, bill hands suffers some serious airbrushing on his 1975 o-pee-chee card just as he had back in 1973
and carmen fanzone still has his number inscribed within the cubs' logo on his helmet
unlike 1973, there is no french on the front of subset cards, like this nolan ryan card
but there is french on the back
pretty sneaky putting a trivia question on the back of lou brock's card for which the answer is lou brock.   and why specify the nl mark?  brock's 118 steals were the major league record at the time.

anyway, i am happy to have these o-pee-chee cards in the collection, even though i will probably only keep the dodgers.  i just can't see see myself being able to complete any o-pee-chee sets prior to 1977.

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madding said...

I'd love to get ahold of the Brock card if you aren't planning on keeping it. Regardless, I have a package nearly ready to send your way. I'm going to try to get it out before the holiday.