13 July 2013

penguins look strange in pinstripes

i picked up a new (to me) ron cey card a few months ago.  it comes from the 1983 thorn apple valley cubs set, and it features the penguin in the cubs' pinstripes
that is a stranger sight to me than steve garvey in the brown padres unis for some reason.  at least it makes cey look taller.

cey also appears on the team card in the set - that's him in the middle of  the second row
the photo used there reminds me of the parents standing off to the side taking pictures of their kids on santa's lap while the official photographer snaps away.

cey's 1984 donruss card also has him in pinstripes
but his 1987 o-pee-chee box bottom card has him in the away uniform
it's still strange to me though - i need a return to normalcy.
that's better


Captain Canuck said...

that's a lot like Murph in Phillies pinstripes. Or worse, Rockies purple pinstripes...


P-town Tom said...

I have that Thorn Apple Valley set! I bought it for the Sandberg rookie... not quite as cool as the penguin perhaps, but a nice get for my collection as well!