27 April 2013

1983 fleer stickers group break - packs 9 through 18

10 packs this time.

pack 9 - right side of the box

bruce sutter - cardinals
lee mazzilli - yankees
dave parker - pirates
mariners logo (checklist back) - mariners
steve sax - dodgers
rickey henderson - a's

mike schmidt - phillies
ken singleton - orioles
mookie wilson - mets
twins logo - twins
george brett - royals
dan spillner - indians

pack 10 - right side

rick langford - a's
larry bowa - cubs
dane iorg - cardinals
expos logo (checklist back) - expos
jack morris - tigers
mike flanagan - orioles
al cowens - mariners
britt burns - white sox
jim gantner - brewers
royals logo - royals
carl yastrzemski - red sox
ken forsch - angels

i would invoke my dodger stadium intuition, and suggest that the fantastic photo of yaz comes from the 1980 all-star game, thanks to the 'inning' and 'at bat' text in the background, except that he wasn't an all-star in 1980.  was there another team with a similar field level scoreboard in the early 80's?

pack 11 - left side

bill caudill - mariners
tim flannery - padres
andre thornton - indians
yankees logo - yankees
chris speier - expos
phil garner - astros

randy martz - cubs
rick cerone - yankees
tommy john - angels
a's logo (checklist back) - a's
larry gura - royals
kent tekulve - pirates

garner's mustache is weighing his side of the card down, causing the crooked scan.

pack 12 - left side

duane kuiper - giants
bob forsch - cardinals
rafael ramirez - braves
mets logo (braves checklist on back - wtf?) - mets
moreno & lacey (lee lacy's name is misspelled) - pirates
george wright - rangers
dave beard - a's
toby harrah - indians
al oliver - expos
expos logo - expos
hal mcrae - royals
wade boggs - red sox

rookie boggs! e-5, too!

pack 13 - right side

same as pack 5

lonnie smith - cardinals
davey lopes - a's (maybe i could trade for this one?)
larry biitner - reds
braves logo - braves
tim raines - expos
jim palmer - orioles

bell & fisk - rangers (via randomizer - next one goes to the white sox)
dennis leonard - royals
bob mcclure - brewers
cardinals logo (checklist back)- cardinals
greg minton - giants
bruce kison - angels

raines is in dodger stadium for sure.

pack 14 - right side

i am not kidding about this, i swear

lonnie smith - cardinals
davey lopes - a's
larry biitner - reds
braves logo - braves
tim raines - expos
jim palmer - orioles
bell & fisk - white sox (via randomizer - next one goes to the rangers)
dennis leonard - royals

bob mcclure - brewers
cardinals logo (checklist back)- cardinals
greg minton - giants
bruce kison - angels

pack 15 - left side

well, at least it's not that same pack

dale murphy - braves
steve rogers - expos
johnny bench - reds
angels logo - angels
gary carter - expos
buddy bell - indians
paul molitor - brewers
darrell porter - cardinals
joe morgan - giants
pirates logo (yankee checklist back - again, wtf?) - pirates

bob stanley - red sox
don baylor - angels

pack 16 - left side

new blood!

fred breining - giants
greg luzinski - white sox

milt wilcox - tigers
reds logo - reds
george foster - mets
mario soto - reds
eddie murray - orioles
dusty baker - dodgers
garth iorg - blue jays
blue jays logo (checklist back)
lee lacy - pirates
ken griffey - yankees

pack 17 - right side

cesar cedeno - reds
art howe - astros
larry parrish - rangers
cardinals logo - cardinals
dave collins - yankees
willie stargell - pirates

joey mclaughlin - blue jays
chet lemon - tigers
garry templeton - padres
phillies logo (checklist back) - phillies
damaso garcia - blue jays
jeff burroughs - a's

pack 18 - right side

this is a helluva pack

dave winfield - yankees
reggie jackson - angels
don sutton - brewers
orioles logo (special stickers checklist) - orioles

joaquin andujar - cardinals
pedro guerrero - dodgers
salome barojas - white sox
dennis martinez - expos
dave steib - blue jays
pirates logo - pirates
barry bonnell - blue jays
sixto lezcano - padres

a decent way to end this installment.  30 packs remain.


The Angels In Order said...

Nice. Dave Collins - mariners (he's in a Yankees uniform). Still waiting for a Nolan Ryan.

buckstorecards said...


1) Another Mets logo pops up with a Braves checklist on the back


2) Another Mets logo shows up with the proper checklist, but no Braves checklist appears in the break

Send the current sticker in direction of the Braves.

gcrl said...

ha. dave collins will always be a mariner to me!