08 April 2013

i love it when a puzzle comes together

i found a pwe in my mailbox on friday.  it was not unexpected, although i wasn't entirely sure what the contents would look like on the front.  here's what was inside:
two stickers - one dodger, one twin.  yes, i am a dodger fan living in twins territory, but that part is just a happy coincidence.  the real reason i requested these cards lies in their backs.

a while back, i was stoked to find a complete master set of 1978 fleer grand slam hi-gloss baseball stickers for a price i was willing to pay.  unfortunately for me, the 'master' part referred only to the team stickers (logos, script, and color) and not to what i was really after - the dodger stadium puzzle that was on the back.  if you'll recall - when i put the puzzle together, i was two pieces short.
get the picture?

now the puzzle looks like this
awesome chavez ravine goodness.

thanks to ebay seller bjisak for helping a blogger out!

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Brad's Blog said...

Thats frameable, pretty sweet picture