21 April 2013

let's bust a box of 1983 fleer stickers - the first gcrl group break - closed!

on a whim, i picked up a box of 1983 fleer stickers.
look at that!  48 unopened packs with 12 stickers (10 players and 2 team logos) per pack.

here's the checklist - chock full of the stars of the day.  plus, with 480 player stickers in the box and only 270 in the set, there's a good chance you'll find a team set in the break (if collation is decent).

there were 26 teams in the majors back in 1983, so i'm looking to fill 13 slots.  well, 12 really, as i am taking the dodgers.  you pick a team and a second will be randomly selected once 13 slots have filled.

stickers showing players from multiple teams will go to the team with the most players represented on the card, or if there is no team majority the sticker will be randomly assigned to one of the teams featured on the sticker.  any doubles would then go to the other team featured on the card.  for example, in the case of the rose/schmidt/knight card, the first one pulled would go to the phillies.  the second one (if there are doubles) would go to the astros.  in the case of the other multi-team stickers (like the murphy/baker), the first one would be randomed between the braves and the dodgers.  if it were to go to the braves, then the next one (if there is another) would go to the dodgers.  make sense?

sound off on the team(s) you want in the comments.  first come, first served in the comments only!  it's $5 shipped per slot, or $8 for 2.  i'm sure there will be some other random cards from your team of choice that find their way into your sticker stacks as well. i will random the 13 unselected teams prior to busting.

please paypal as a gift to gcrl@comcast.net and be sure to email me your name, address, and the team you selected.

the box should be here by thursday, and i'd like to bust it next weekend.

thanks in advance - it should be fun!

los angeles dodgers - gcrl (paid)
atlanta braves - waxaholic (paid)
houston astros - angels in order (paid)
san diego padres -
san francisco giants - matt r (paid)
cincinnati reds -
philadelphia phillies - matt r (paid)
pittsburgh pirates -
montreal expos -
saint louis cardinals - madding (paid)
chicago cubs -
new york mets - sportscards from the dollar store (paid)
chicago white sox - dick allen hof (paid)
kansas city royals -
texas rangers -
oakland athletics -
california angels - angels in order (paid)
minnesota twins -
seattle mariners -
baltimore orioles - dick allen hof (paid)
detroit tigers - hot corner (paid)
new york yankees -
toronto blue jays - sportscards from the dollar store (paid)
milwaukee brewers -
boston red sox -
cleveland indians - david (paid)


MrMopar said...

I love coming across those slightly older wax boxes. Fun to open and they won't break the bank. If I remember correctly, those came in panel form, with perforations between the stickers. The panels folded by two sticker sections and were a little larger than a standard card when folded up completely.

Sounds like all of the stickers will have to be perforated to be divided into teams.

gcrl said...

hot corner claimed the tigers.

--David said...

I'll take the Indians!

Captain Canuck said...

me Braves good.

soon paypal you.


buckstorecards said...

I'll take the Jays and Mets. Paypal tomorrow.

To make up for any sort of extra shipping to Canada, I'll see if I can find some of those Double Play cards on your want list and send those your way.

The Angels In Order said...

I'll take the Angels and the Astros. sending cash.

The Angels In Order said...

Oh, and this will include the team logo stickers as well?

Matthew R said...

I'll take the Giants and the Phillies

gcrl said...

tom - team logo stickers (2 per pack) are included

Dick Allen Hall of Fame said...

I will take the White Sox & Orioles. Paypal on the way...

Aimie Hudson said...

In most professional printing organizations, the most everyday sort of fleer stickers which you may have experienced is a document style product. What does this mean exactly? I still can't understand about this.

madding said...

If there's still a slot left, I'd like to claim the Cardinals.

gcrl said...

break is closed! thanks to the participants!