14 December 2009

tommy john in person/through the mail success!

i know. i've done a tommy john post already. but that was an ebay auto success. this is better. so much better.

reader dennis recently contacted me to let me know that tommy john was going to be signing at a bank grand opening in new jersey. i quickly sent a card and a letter to the branch manager congratulating her on the new branch and asking her if she would have mr. john sign and return the card. well, she did, and it is awesome.meanwhile, dennis attended the event and got some autos as well. we worked out a deal, and he sent them to me.

1976 topps1977 toppsanother 1978 toppsand 1979 topps what a bonanza! but that's not all...

dennis also sent me a signed 1977 topps davey lopes card now that is fantastic.

now, back to the 1978 topps - i am still stuck on 19 pieces of my modest 1978 topps dodgers autograph project.

here's the tally:
dusty baker
glenn burke
terry forster
ed goodson
burt hooton
tommy john - in person/through the mail success!
tom lasorda
rick monday
rick rhoden
don sutton
steve yeager
19/29 = 66%

anyone know of a terry forster signing?

thanks dennis and the branch manager at lakeland bank (and tommy)!