06 April 2013

another couple of tc pwes, a bubble mailer bomb, and a ballsy package

i will admit, i fell for the april fools 'take my cards' post over at crackin' wax, but even though i didn't get any topps five star cards, i did receive cards from previous claims.  fellow twins territorian topher sent me a couple of pwe's recently.  they contained a 2013 topps heritage ted lilly
and a 2013 topps gypsy queen hanley ramirez mini
just because i asked for them.  not shown is the aj ellis (or was it mark ellis) heritage card that i also received.

topher's 'take my cards' is one of the best deals running.  follow him and check it out.  just don't claim my dodgers!

thanks topher!

usually when a fellow blogger sends me a pwe, it's wes from jaybarkerfan's junk.  this time, however, wes sent cards in a bubble mailer.

here's a 1995 signature rookies old judge card of wilton guerrero
i believed in wilton guerrero, but no matter what the dodgers were going to get the short end of that brother stick.  speaking of which, i see vladdy has signed with the long island ducks.  it's not supposed to end like that for him.  can't the astros take a flyer on him?

the second of the three cards that i requested from wes is this 2004 donruss shawn green relic card
and the final card is this 2006 fleer flair showcase jeff kent, numbered to 150
because, why not?

thanks for the cards wes.  i sent a return package out to you yesterday.

and then there is arno from i'm ballsy.  he posted a card at the blog of trade bait blog and i bit.  it's a 1999 topps gallery adrian beltre auto
it's a very nice card, and the first beltre auto in my collection.  stoked.  arno also threw in a few dodger cards just because dodger collectors are cool like that.  although i have to admit that i did not add any cards to the package that i sent him.  i have rectified that, however, and no longer have to hold my head in shame.  anyway, there was this 1996 pinnacle aficionado card of hideo nomo that i hadn't seen before
as well as a couple of other nomos that i will feature tomorrow.  there were also two cards from 2005 topps chrome update in the package, including this heath totten card
totten seems to have been a pretty good aa pitcher, but never advanced beyond aaa although he did pitch there for the dodgers, phillies and twins organizations.

thanks arno - your 'extra' cards are in the mail.

in fact, i mailed out 14 trade packages and 1 pwe yesterday.  anybody else want to trade?

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Crackin Wax said...

Hey, I'm just happy those cards have a good home now. Not that my Twins-loving home is bad. ;)