20 April 2013

2013 panini triple play has chicken legs and turkey necks, but it also has blue bordered stickers

i picked up a rack pack of 2013 panini triple play on thursday while i was out and about.  the first card i saw did not disappoint, as it was this blue bordered clayton kershaw sticker
good karma!  now, the first thing i noticed was that the illustration is different from last year's release.  it's more cartoon-y. here's matt kemp's base card (the only other dodger i found in my pack)
which looks more like the art in 2012 panini triple play.

in addition to the blue stickers, there are red stickers, like this ichiro
another insert set are the 'all stars' like this miguel cabrera
plus the eye blacks are back, although now they feature specific players (i pulled verlander, not kershaw)
and then there are tattoos.  i found joe mauer's tats, not matt kemp's.
hello, topher.

it would be interesting if panini made replicas of actual player tattoos.  i'm sure somebody wants matt kemp's grandparents on their chest, too.

as for the base, well, there are cosby kids
chicken legs
turkey necks
big ol' fat necks
pretty blue eyes
and paul giamatti masquerading as a giant
fun stuff to open, but not for me to collect.  let me know if you want any.


P-town Tom said...

I also bought a rack pack the other day. I pulled an Ethier, would that be enough to pull the Cosby, er, I mean Castro away from you?

pulpephemera.wordpress.com said...

I like the Ichiro one. Well, I like Ichiro, period. And it's so much fun to chant his wonderful name!

Crackin Wax said...

Hello, Jim. lol

gcrl said...

@p-town tom - sure thing. i sent you an email.